Being Solitary

I’ve been a solitary witch for the whole time that I’ve been a witch. There are a lot of witches out there who are solitary, some of us by choice, some of us because we don’t know how to connect with others in our respective areas. I would say that I am mostly solitary by location (I live so far out in the country) and sometimes I do wish for others to work with.

The benefits of being solitary are that you can devote as much time as you like to your chosen path. You are able to chart your journey and learning progress to your specifications without having to consider how it will fit with another’s. You are free to learn what you want, how you want, when you want. However it can also be of benefit working with a coven or even a few other likeminded individuals. There is also the wonderful knowledge that you have people who actually understand what you’re about. There is no explaining this and that and you are pretty much free to just get on with it.

My experience of working with others, as it were, is strictly in an online environment. I teach at an Academy. This is where I am also initiated and currently studying through the Clergy program. The online world is a unique place and can offer likeminded folk to work with. I have made some great friends online but it still doesn’t fulfill the wish for physically working with others.

There are some pitfalls to working with covens or groups. You are not always going to agree with each other and quite often, your ideals, beliefs and way of doing things may conflict with the rest of the group. I would suggest that if you want to work with or form a group it is best to go the Eclectic route. An eclectic group will allow everyone the freedom to be who they are and keep their own spiritual beliefs/practices but still come together to work and learn.

I’ve been trying to think of ways to connect with other Pagans in the area. I don’t know if a poster with ‘Witches Wanted….phone here’ would necessarily be the best way to go about it after all, it would invite those who wished to ‘save’ me or the completely mentally unstable to harass me. I’ve considered ads in the paper and notices in windows. It’s hard to know what to do because it makes you wonder if people will take you seriously doing it that way or if they will think you’re a little strange and ignore it completely. I am trying to be mildly optimistic and think that when it is time I will find other witches but I also don’t like to leave things up to fate. It often tends to come back and bite you in the ass.

I guess my quest will continue……..