I will admit I am not the most Sabbat involved witch but I do like to do a little something each time one comes around. I like to make dinner for my family, it’s usually three course but sometimes two, depends on how I feel on the day. This year I did a two course dinner. I was going to make Nettle Soup with Cheese Scones for the starter but I got side tracked outside planting a nectarine and kiwi fruit. So my dinner was pork chops, garlic potato and peas with a dessert of hot custard and banana. Not the most inventive I’ll grant you but it tasted delicious.

I also like to set up a little family altar (my family isn’t Pagan they’re atheist for the most part but they do enjoy seeing me put one together) and I tend to select things that represent the holiday to me. As you can see above, the chalices and flowers stand most present on the altar. The flowers are White Rose, Aquilegia and Larkspur. I actually really love my chalices, I was never one for the fancy style and I never found one that spoke to me but I happened to be in Gladstone one day in the Op Shop and saw these there and for some reason I just could not leave the shop without them. They suit me and I believe will last a very long time. Who knows? They could become a family heirloom should I ever change my mind on having children (I am firmly in the Not camp).


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