Divination: What is it and what forms are there?

I like divining. Divination is one of my favourite aspects of being a Witch. Now that’s not to say that all witches like divination but the vast majority that I know do. It is interesting to see how much we differ on our preferred methods though. Some like Tarot, some like Oracle cards others like pendulum, it goes on and on really. I prefer Tarot and Oracle cards but I do also like to occasionally do pendulum work and I found I have a bit of a knack for Tasseography. I will be doing a short blog post on each popular method of divination so I hope you can read through each one as they come up and get a feel for the type you think would best suit you!

Before you read on, a suggestion: When choosing your first Tarot or Oracle deck it is very important that you choose a deck that speaks to you, that resonates with you on a deeper level because let me tell you, if you can’t connect to your deck, you will not be able to read it.


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