Making Herbal Oils

I like to work with herbs; it’s more often than not the medium I choose to use. I am also a bit of a candle nut but herbs are my main interest. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always felt more connected with them. Coming up to Christmas I thought a little prosperity boost was in order so I decided to create Prosperity oil. I chose one of the small jars I bought awhile ago from Cheap as Chips – cheap shops are great for little jars and bottles. My herb selection was weirdly kitchen-witchy with Basil, Marjoram, Chamomile with a little Galangal Root and Vervain. I filled the bottle with grapeseed oil. I’m practical when it comes to making my magical bits and pieces so I tend to go with what’s available to me. Grapeseed oil, fortunately, is available in any supermarket oil section. I’m sure there are those who like Almond or Jojoba but you can get a litre bottle or so of Grapeseed from the supermarket for less than $10.

My oil is currently sitting on my bedroom windowsill. Its east facing so it gets plenty of sunlight. The formula I followed recommends a little shake a day and full sun for three weeks. Fingers crossed it goes well…

Making Herbal Oil

Herbal oil is relatively straight forward. Just follow these easy steps.

1) Choose your bottle or jar and make sure it is clean
2) Choose your base oil
3) Choose your herbs (I prefer dried for this)
4) Put your herbs in your jar and cover with the oil
5) Give the jar a little shake and place in a sunny spot for 2 – 3 weeks
6) 2- 3 weeks later, strain the oil through a strainer into new jar
7) Label and keep out of direct sunlight

Voila! Magical Herbal oil.

P.S Using fresh herbs or making a culinary oil can involve more steps so I would suggest doing your research!