Sunday Roast

We don't always have a proper Sunday Roast, it will usually depend on what we're doing but also the weather. Awhile ago I bought a Pork Belly and stuck it in the freezer. I've always wanted to try one ever since I saw it on Jamie Oliver (I think). It's not your average piece of roast meat, I believe pork belly is more often than not used to make ribs.

So this is our dear little pork belly going into the oven in the cast iron bake dish.

Here it is with all the vegies added for cooking. The potatos and onion came from the garden. We're hoping pretty soon that all of the vegies you can see will come from our garden.

And this was the deliciousness that was when cooked. I have to say the pork belly was melt in your mouth perfect! I think I could so easily eat a whole one by myself it was that nice!