#1 Beginning the Process

So what have I learned so far since drawing this card? There has been a lot in the past I have felt venomous about, for instance I started an eBay store in the metaphysical area and for some time I had marginal success until others who, it appeared, had a bigger bank roll to start buying more products than I had. They fast became Powersellers while I struggled to sell small amounts each month. Now my store barely sells so I am considering shutting it down. I did feel quite venomous toward them because they had the success I wanted and it’s not as if I didn’t try to work hard to sell more – they just had more luck than I…. and this leads me to my next consideration of venomous.

The Universe has decreed that any good luck that exists in the world has to bypass me in spectacular fashion – I’ve never even glimpsed any of it, it’s a myth, a dream, an idea and that is all. I do have the worse luck and I often wonder why. I’m a good person, I’m kind, caring, friendly, and not particularly selfish and I am never deliberately mean to anyone. All round I know I’m a fairly decent human being so why the cold shoulder from Lady Luck? Why do the Leprechauns ignore me? Why does the good luck always go to everyone else, and half the time people who don’t deserve it? Yes I am aware it sounds as though I am whining but in all fairness I don’t think I’ve ever had a really lucky moment in my life……I can think of two: my cat and my first dog and that is about it but I would really love some luck in life, love, finances and just generally. I don’t think it’s too much to ask…….

So this is where I am at with this card right now. There are some other thoughts that could go hear but for fear of offending, those I will keep to myself. I think I need to let go of the things mentioned, find a new path, get a new career and embrace new ideas. I pulled Kali for a reason, I know she is telling me to burn it down and build again, but I am considerably paralysed in that area because fear does not let me start over, to find the small thread that will begin weaving my new path, my new destiny, my new life and this is something I think this card is helping me realize.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Change is inevitable, nothing remains the same.

Hmm, my new mantra perhaps?


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