#1 Final Reflections

My week with the Venomous Witch has been interesting. I’ve learned some things, experienced some things and let go of other things. It’s been a ‘things’ week.

I’ve learned that having a stranglehold on things that no longer serve must be let go and with it the baggage that has kept an emotional hold on you. I’ve learned that there is much needed change in my life and a new direction to be taken.

Now when I consider “Find the Spirit. Find the Soul. Find the Past. All will be revealed.” I realize that this meant find Me. The Cailleach shared some wisdoms with me that made this statement make more sense.

There is a part of me that has always walked this path in some form or another whether it be in this life or another and so I must truly look within to truly understand this. I think this is a reflection that will take time, will be something I work on for quite a while.

The Venomous Witch for me didn’t turn out to be what I thought it was, I considered at the start that she may be telling me I am a venomous individual but it was never that. Venom is a poison, a toxin that invades the body, it can also morph and change the inner workings of a person and I think that was the message.



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