#1 Ritual of Transformation

The Ritual of Transformation within Yourself was quite a powerful experience, I wasn’t expecting actual interaction from the Goddess Cailleach but it happened and it was moving and wonderful. When she spoke with me it was as though I was talking to a dear friend or teacher, she was gentle, kind but not afraid to share her honest opinion which was really honest. It was kind of a kick in the pants and when a Goddess as ancient and old as the Cailleach gives you a kick you pay attention.

I had questions about where I was going in my path, about me in general and my lack of manifestation in my magical life. Her words give me hope that I will be able to grow as I wish. I am choosing not to share the entirety of her words but I will share this:

“To truly be a witch you must feel the power, you must walk the path and take the journey, you must learn but you must also listen. You must grow but not be in a hurry to do so.”

“As you walk forward from here do so as a witch. Live as a witch, be as a witch and soon you will be the witch you want to be. You have the power inside of you but only time, dedication and work will help you connect with it.”

I feel that this is perhaps the real truth in any witch’s path, of any witch’s journey. Her words struck a chord and I will do my best to truly work toward my goals, to embrace her advice and apply it to my life – daily.

You can never know when you approach a Deity if they will respond or how they will respond, sometimes (like my experience with the Morrigan) they will contact you and hammer their opinion into your mind until you pay attention. I was nervous because the Cailleach is an ancient Goddess, perhaps even older than some of the Old Ones but she has a warmth, an earthiness that is very comforting. I don’t think I will hesitate to work with her again although for the most part in my practices I do avoid Deity, it’s not been something I’ve really wanted but I have learned……

You can do your best to steer clear of Deities but they will not always steer clear of you.


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