#1 So Far....

During meditation with the Witch card she told me this:

“Find the Spirit. Find the Soul. Find the Past. All will be revealed.”

Cryptic and not making much sense…I imagine it is something I will come across down the line as it pertains to this aspect of myself because for right now it is not clear.

I also shut down my eBay store. It was painful to let go of a dream that never quite manifested how I wanted it to. I suppose the Venomous Witch has taught me something because I was able to let it go without bitterness, without anger and I think that is an important step because for so long I felt angry and envious of other sellers who have done better than me.

Perhaps it was never meant to be and so it never was.

I am nearly at the end of my week with the Venomous Witch, tomorrow I will devote to working with the card, performing a ritual and trying to decipher any other information or words of wisdom (and confusion) that she may have for me.


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