#1 The Venomous Witch

The Venomous Witch is as poisonous as an adder’s fang. She fills her human believer with an insatiable wish for vengeance. Many serpents and scorpions exude venom to protect themselves, but they can also paralyze their prey. For peace of mind, you may need to look into your heart to see if you harbour vengeful thoughts that threaten to poison your hopes and dreams.”

Although I’ve made the choice not to use the book meanings as a guide because it is not relevant to what I am trying to achieve, I will admit it surprised and  confused me picking this card because generally I am a very pleasant person and have been told that I don’t have a mean bone in my body. I have been angry and hurting lately but this has been due to loss and heartbreak but I wouldn’t say it has led me to be vengeful because the circumstances were outside of my control. I needed clarification on why this card had come up so I intended to use my pendulum again to select cards from the Oracle of Shadows and Light to give me clarification, however when I was shuffling two cards literally threw themselves at me so I knew these cards tied into my answer.

#13 I Am Kali

Kali is a symbol of death and rebirth. Within this deck she symbolizes the energy of fire, the dancing of the mother Goddess, the one who will teach you how to go through changes you have been resisting and felt was too much and will purify and change everything. She will assist you in releasing all that is no longer needed and taking powerful action to change your life.

#16 Angel de los Muertos

This angel shows that you must not delay activating your life’s purpose, life is a constant process of creation and you are now at a point where you can end a pattern. Energy is changing and she helps you understand that you can begin to rebirth yourself into a new life without having to pass from this one.

I made the decision early on when I first decided to use the deck in this way that I would use the cards as a meditative and indicative tool, so the book meaning wouldn’t have much to do with it but I think in this case it may insofar as mentioning the serpent and the scorpion.

I looked at the meanings for each of them (and they are quite frankly two of my non favourite forms of life)

As a symbol the snake can be the messenger of the Rainbow Serpent, psychic energy, protection from persecution, primitive or elemental energy, transmutation, intuitive power, the silver cord that connects one to their astral body, the snake can also represent Goddess power, the mysteries of life and wisdom.

As a symbol the scorpion represents death and rebirth, transmutation of poison, the reflection of dark and negative energy back to its sender, strength, inspiration, passion, chaos and attacking from the rear. It can also represent self protection and defense.

With all of this information, not including what I could dig up on the symbolism of Kali, there is a lot to think about, a lot to work through and I don’t think any of it is going to be easy. Bringing about transformation can be tricky and draining, it’s not all pink sparkles and light. There is much I need to begin to change about myself and my life to bring about the future I want.

I actually recently found a ritual for ‘To Conjure Transformation within Yourselfand it calls on the goddess Cailleach to help with that process. Because I never like to follow correspondences per se, I think I will attempt the ritual this week as part of my getting in touch with my inner Venomous witch but give it my own touch.


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