#2 The Immortal Witch

"The Immortal Witch brings the promise of Spring; a new beginning, and a flourishing of hopes and wishes. Seeds of revival and new growth germinate in the darkness of solitude and absence.

You cannot fail to win your heart’s desire. Positive invisible forces are making sure that you reach your destiny by your own natural talent and effort. All that you search for is within your grasp. A happy time, filled with new opportunities, is about to present itself to you.”

Again, I know I said I wasn’t going to use the card meanings but this one is incredibly positive and addresses some things that have been on my mind. I think I may change it a little and post the card meanings and see how well they adapt to the week of working with the card. See what is revealed and if it relates……

I’m going to like working with the Immortal Witch, after the deep thinking of the previous card, I think she’s going to be upbeat and fun.


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