Besom Project Part 1

Used for clearing and moving energy, besom brooms are a vital part of folk magic, traditional witchcraft, and pagan culture today. Widely used in wedding rites, for the casting and cleansing of magical circles, and as a protective ward hung on the walls at your hearth or near the doorway to your home. Like a magical wand or staff, though associated more with the feminine magic of wise women, midwives, and witches throughout history.”

My new craft project is to make a proper besom; I’ve always had a small altar one but never a large sized besom. The besom is from Go-Lo, a Halloween purchase (I asked my mum to pick me up one but because they were cheap enough she thought ‘Why not 5?’) so I decided since they are quite nice looking I will make this my first.

The handle is probably not going to stay the same. We are fortunate enough to have a whopping great big Oak tree in our yard and some time ago it was pruned so I will be using one of the pruned branches as the staff part of the besom.

I’m going to be decorating it with herb branches and ribbons. I have the three plants in mind – Catnip, Rosemary and Wormwood – and as luck would have it; all three are in desperate need of a good prune so getting nice lengths will not be a problem. I will just have to pick the best spot to hang them and dry them. I have selected these three herbs for their correspondences:

Catnip: Attracts good spirits, love luck
Rosemary: Protection, purification
Wormwood: Protection, transformation

I am also going to decorate the besom with ribbons, most likely colours for each of the elements tied together with black and white for a nice contrast. I don’t want it overdone; I’m a fairly simple girl at heart. It will then take pride of place near my altar.