First Step Forward

So I made my first step forward in contacting others who practice under the Paganism umbrella in my area. I placed a notice in Merlins of Port Pirie. The lovely owner Leisl was kind enough to let me. I am hoping to get some responses, I feel I am at a time in my life now where I will feel comfortable enough to branch out and meet people. Believe it or not but around those I do not know I am actually fairly quiet.

I want to be able to work with others, it doesn't have to be a formal coven, a group that works together on occasion - maybe even a circle would be fine. Eclectic is best because I'm a huge fan of mixing it up and having different paths and ideas come together to create something unique and different. I also tend to lean more toward eclectic as I think that if there are many who practice under the Pagan umbrella in my area, not all will practice the same thing. To be very selective and say 'only this or this is allowed' would kill a group and nothing would be learned, shared or gained.

I really hope this comes together and happens because I think it would be a wonderful experience and it would certainly be worth trying!


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