Good Witch Bad Witch

As part of my spiritual study and growth I am going to begin working with the Good Witch Bad Witch cards by Gillian Kemp. (I know, labels are in French but as I work with them I will scan my own cards with the English label).

There are 52 of these cards, 26 good witches and 26 bad witches. They are meant to be a divination deck of sorts but I will be working with them as a meditative and visualisation tool to help me connect with the energies of the card instead of using them as prescribed in the book.

I think these cards have a lot to teach me and about my inner witch. I feel as though by working with them, I will be able to bring those qualities to the forefront of myself. They will be a valuable teaching tool and I am looking forward to seeing how it impacts my path and my spiritual growth. Who knows, maybe the witches will impart their own gifts to me?

I think my strategy so far is to work with one card every week, I’m not sure if I will work with all 56 or just the ones that call to me. I have created a separate category for this process so that it will be easier to keep track of my progress (if you wish to) and to make it easier search wise.
It’s definitely going to be an interesting experiment and path of study, I am hoping that it can help me as I begin my year long commitment to study and growth.

If you wish to purchase these lovely little cards for yourself you can do so from my store.


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