The Grimoire

You may have noticed a category on the right called ‘Grimoire’ and you may be having flashes of Charmed and the book the Source used…….

Let me assure you, not the same thing.

A traditional witch calls her book a Grimoire, it is almost the same thing as a Book of Shadows however the term BoS was coined by Gerald Gardener and so since Trads are not Wiccan, we tend to not use the Wiccan terminology for our books.

But me being me, I tend to at times use it interchangeably because well, I feel like it. I teach a class on BoS at Firefly so the term comes to mind more often than Grimoire.

So now that that is cleared up, in this section of my blog I will post bits and pieces for a Grimoire (or BoS), pages, ideas etc for you to use and peruse at your leisure.



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