Koffie - In Loving Memory

AUG 1997 to JAN 6 2012

This morning we said goodbye to our beautiful staffy Koffie. She was brave until the end and put up a fight but it was time to let her go, she was ready to meet her loved ones on the other side. She was an amazing and incredible dog who gave us 14 wonderful, happy years. She is greatly loved and will be greatly missed! We love you baby girl!!

Koffie was (and to my mind still is) the most amazing and clever dog we ever had. She was loving, affectionate, funny, had a stubborn streak a mile wide and was ever the lover of the Schmacko.

Her favourite past time was playing, whether that was her tug rope/ball, shredding copious amounts of paper and assorted paper products or belting up our rather large bull mastiff. She also liked to brawl with the cat on occasion, they had a rather acrimonious relationship at the best of times - it often depended on which day of the week it was.

Koffie also loved junk food - if she could smell chilli flavoured chips she was your best friend, the rubber to your glue, the ying to your yang. She also loved dip and lollies (always in moderation) and still maintained her svelt figure. She was a very active girl with plenty of energy in her tank.

For 14 years and 5 months she was the heart of our family, the leader of our menagerie and the Boss Lady. She gave us so much love and happiness that the loss has been heartbreaking and so devastating but I remember the good times, the happy memories and the love she gave to us all. There never was a better girl and there never will be.

"Although dear Koffie you have left our side
We remain to celebrate your life
Although we feel our hearts breaking
We are blessed with the happy memories gifted to us
Although we cry and feel our pain
We are comforted in the knowledge you are always with us
Although we wish for one more moment
We know we will always treasure the ones we had
Our love is endless and knows no bounds
From this life and beyond we wish you well with love and say goodbye