New Year, New Resolutions

2012 is upon us and although I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions because I have this terrible habit of never doing any of them, or rather fulfilling any of them, I felt called to do so this year.

It may be the 2012 madness (of which I don’t necessarily subscribe to) but I feel as though this year is going to be great for me but I have a feeling that it will also be a year of work and growth and that can’t be ignored. I want to spend this year devoted to study. This is where my path lies this year I believe. I am currently going to be looking into areas of interest that will become my career; I am also going to be studying in areas of the spiritual. There is a need in me to learn, I always thirst for new knowledge, new ideas and new concepts that can help me grow. I also want to work more on my Craft, become stronger spiritually and actually begin being able to affect change through strength of will. I am a lazy witch; I tend not to give it the effort it deserves.

This year is about personal spiritual development and about finally gaining the courage to get out there and find my life’s purpose. I don’t have one yet, I know that through the study of the spiritual and the pursuit of knowledge I will find it. I have always felt called to work with herbs and as such this is the first of my career finding paths I will be exploring. I will be studying Herbalism right through to Practitioner level as well as Past Life Therapy and Nutrition. This will be done through the School of Natural Health Sciences. They have a fabulous range of courses in the area of Holistic Therapies.

My other areas will be on growing my spiritual knowledge. I will be trying my hardest to complete my Clergy track before my 28th birthday (which is only a few months off) at The Firefly Online Community, I will also be thinking about taking some classes at the Silvermoon Glade School of Wicca and Witchcraft and also at The Grey School of Wizardry. I know I know, it looks real Harry Potter-ish but some of the subjects are really interesting. It is all about time management because I also have my TAFE course to do. I’m going into the 3rd year of an Advanced Diploma of Arts in Professional Writing.

If it’s not yet apparent, I do like to study, I like to learn –although the funny thing is when I went to school I hated it, couldn’t wait for it to end. I think this is because at school you’re told what to learn whereas outside of a school environment I can pursue any avenue of learning I wish. I’ve always been a keen book reader, so much so that my parents used to get frustrated at me because I’d be asked to do something and I would give the ‘One more chapter’ response. An hour later I would still be reading, however they understood because they fostered my love of reading – I’m actually kind of a nerd; I tend to store information that comes out at the strangest times.

I also want to form a learning group that will hopefully develop into a coven; I want to meet likeminded people in my area, not sure if there are any but who knows? They may read this blog or perhaps I will fall over them one day and we will realise that we’re meant to work together……I have hope!

So this year will be quite busy for me, and if it does end in December (I doubt it will) then at least I’ve packed in as much as is humanly possible.

Rundown of Resolutions:

Finish Clergy track before 28th birthday
Begin study for Herbalism course
Begin building on Spiritual study through different avenues
Reach out and meet new people (especially those of the Pagan bent)
Begin saving for the Dragon’s Eye Tour

Begin growing my own herbal medicine garden
Begin growing my own witchy herbal garden
Scout potential homes with adjoining business premises

So we shall see if I can commit to and complete at least some of my resolutions. It’s going to be an interesting year I feel.