What is a Witch?

The Witch is legend; she is the vessel and the oracle of the long-faded wisdom of the Pagan world, transmitted in many strange ways; she is the human image of the primordial mysticism of the ancient Indo-Europeans, and perhaps even the pre-Indo Europeans. She is the human who can become a ghost and then human again. She knows the secrets of the dead. She changes her shape at will. She knows the properties of the growing things of the ground. She is grandmother to all our faery tales and folk-ballads. She is our culture soul’s sorcerous form. She is good and she is evil, and she is beyond good and evil. She is always with us.”

I came across this while replying to a thread in a forum I am a part of. I found an interesting analogy of what the witch is. I’m not so sure I abide the ‘good/evil’ comparisons and prefer to look at it more of a ‘light/dark’ comparison because as we all know, with light there is dark. It is balance. It is part of a post - you can read it here.

The word ‘witch’ is a tricky one. Some claim it, others run from it screaming not wanting to have the negative connotations that go with the word attached to them. Me? I like the word witch, it is what I am and I choose no other word to define my path.

I do happen to like the descriptions that are here and here though.

What is a Witch? It’s a tricky question because as the saying goes ‘Ask 10 different witches and you will get 10 different answers’ (ok so not the original saying but the general gist is the same). There is no one answer but I think the most simplified answer is simply She is of the Earth, she is one with the Earth. Because as witches we try to be of the earth, we command the elements, we will change through magic and we honour who we are and never compromise who we are to satisfy another.

But then that is just my opinion.

What is a Witch? A Witch is whoever she wants to be.