#2 The Cards

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am a bit of a card junkie, I do like to use my Tarot/Oracle cards – generally for a one card clarifier I will use Oracle as it is much easier to work with in this kind of situation (although I am not above doing a lengthy multi-card tarot reading should the situation call for it). So for this card I used my Wisdom of the Hidden Realms and Oracle of Shadows and Light decks.

Fairy of the Highlands

This card is about finding your truth and being strong, of taking back your own and honouring yourself. It is time for me to raise my sword, be strong and go forward. This card also speaks about fearing to use my sword, of going into battle and I think this speaks true of who I have been – I tend to take the path of least resistance and I do let people walk over me at times, perhaps drawing this card in conjuction with everything else that has been going on is a good thing. It is telling me that I need to take chances and believe in myself.

Spirit Whisperer

This card is about divine guidance and intuition. She heralds the miraculous and the inspired. She also helps steer a person toward the right action and away from trouble. The Spirit Whisperer will also guide some one toward their purpose and moving forward. I think this is positive. It speaks of where I am right now, of how I am looking toward my future. As an Ally card she is great to get because she is letting me know that there is purpose in my life and that I will find it. (Nice to know because sometimes a person can have doubts).


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