#2 New Opportunities

This card had a positive message which was really nice, certain things started falling into place for me after pulling this card – it almost seems as if things could go my way and could provide new opportunities otherwise not presented. I am looking forward to seeing if these new opportunities come forward.

For example – there is a house I have had my eye on, would be the perfect home for a first time buyer. Not to big, not too small, plenty of garden space (which I would need because once I start with a garden, I tend to a little mental), has fruit trees already established (which is great cos the ones at home my Mum and I put in will need some time to establish and grow) and MOST importantly, it has a decent size garage attached which could become business premises later once I do my holistic therapies courses. It appears it may be cheaper than originally thought so yay!

Speaking of courses, I got a newsletter from the school and the package I am looking at doing is a February special, it has about $240 knocked off the price and as luck would have it, I almost have all of the money saved for the current special price. Things are looking up!!


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