#3 The Old Hag Witch

The Old Hag Witch reveals that some one fair of face is inwardly twisted and gnarled. Unable to give unconditionally, her true self, sentiments and soul are exposed.

Being strong inwardly, you can see through a façade and are able to forgive a troublesome person’s intentional or unintentional hurtful actions. But forgiveness can only go so far before you must point out to her the damage she is doing to her friends and herself.”

Huh. Well there you go. So I’m thinking this is not how this card will relate to me, I mean that’s not to say I don’t know people like this – we all do and for those whom I do know, I’ve come to terms with their behaviour, I don’t take it personally. It’s who they are. That non-startling revelation aside, this card bears some thinking as how it could relate to my path and myself.

The Old Hag Witch is twisted and gnarled, this I can see, but I think this reflects her path, her journey. She has walked some twisted and gnarled paths and this beats within her very soul, she is a complex person who has seen and done many things in her lifetime, but she is all the more wise for it. The funny thing is that cards past I did a ritual that called on The Cailleach (sometimes spelled Cailleagh, depending on your UK geographical location) and she is considered to be a ‘Hag’ so some strange connections have been coming up.

She told me that my path is too light (perhaps her less than subtle way of suggesting I play at being a witch instead of fully embracing or working toward that goal and she is not wrong I suppose) and that I need to walk the path with more commitment and embrace it. I will admit I do tend to walk in straight lines on my path and have not yet reached the road where I will begin walking the gnarled or twisted paths. I’m lazy, I’ll admit it, I do tend to not work on it as much as I should however I have taken steps to change that. Currently I am doing Witchcraft 2 at Firefly, its addressing issues I have been having about connecting with personal energy among other things so I am learning as I go.

I don’t pretend to be something I’m not but I think I do sometimes tend to not follow through (it’s an Aries thing) but I am trying hard to work toward being a better Witch and person (not that I’m a bad person, call me a cynic….). I am taking steps to work toward my goals. I think perhaps I need to check myself more to make sure I am going toward where I should be.

Wow, well that all came out in a rush. Not where I thought I would end when I started. Blogs are good for self reflection I guess. Get typing and things come out. And since I’m a fairly fast typer (yes yes I brag – I am very fast and mostly accurate) it all came out faster than I had time to absorb.

This calls for reading over and reflecting on my reflections…..


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