Candle Making

I’ve decided I’m going to handmake my own candles – it’s an experiment because I have never ever tried it before. I feel like, being that candle magic is my one of the methods I use more than others, that my spells would pack more punch if I made my own because I could fill them with intent as I created them. Plus I kind of like the idea of becoming a crafty witch, I’ll be honest though, my crafts skills are shall we say……non existent. Yes that would be the word for it. I do try but I am more imaginative with words than hands.

My first whack at candle making will be Full Moon candles. I decided to buy some church candles from Cheap as Chips that way I figure if it all goes pear shaped I’m only out  a few dollars as opposed to the amount I would be if I purchased a candle making kit.

I’m always up for an experiment, I will admit that I am willing to give something a try even if the outcome is completely uncertain (as in my mother’s reaction if I get wax from one end of the kitchen to the other) but what the hell? Live and learn.

My Full Moon candles will be white. Scent wise I will be adding Sandalwood essential oil and perhaps a touch of Rose Geranium oil. I will be powdering Chaste Tree Berry and Jasmine Flowers to add to the wax and I will hand dip them. To start with I am going to make smaller candles – I think they will be easier to store and easier to use. I am considering that if this works – and I hope it does – that this country witch might open herself up to the possibility of the idea of selling on eBay again but it will be a long way off. I have to find out if I can do this yet.

So I will keep you all updated on how it goes and post pictures of my candles that will hopefully look and smell wonderful and pack a bit of a punch come the next Full Moon!!!

For the candle making recipe/instructions I am using look here.