Do You Ever Feel….?

Do you ever feel like the universe is out to get you? Like you get excited at possibilities and then all of a sudden you get shafted, the wind gets knocked out of your sails; the universe backhands you and deflates any happiness you might feel?

I do.

I’ve been getting it a lot lately. I thought there was an opportunity for me to do some things I had been hoping for, wishing for – even casting a few little spells for. And it’s not like it was unreasonable – any of it. But the Universe saw that I was getting happier, liking the possibility of doing some things I had been dreaming of for awhile and it did what it does best……smacked me down and laughed about it.

I keep wondering what it was that I have done so wrong to have such bad luck. I’m a nice person, I’ve never knowingly hurt another person, I try to live right and be kind but for some reason life just wants me to suffer, to never achieve my dreams or be happy about anything. The Universe is working over time to make sure any spurt of joy is quickly quashed under its huge steel toed boots. It stomps away until I’m left sad, depressed and feeling like hope is a feeling I will never ever know.

I try the positive thinking thing and I really did keep it up because I thought the few things I would like to happen would actually be possible but now those thoughts are dust in the wind, dead in the water, gone like yesterdays.

My Happiness
Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust


  1. I don't know the particulars so I'm offering some basic thoughts, Are you hoping for or wanting something that maybe you aren't quite ready for or maybe isn't truly in your best interest. I've found that when things seem to be delayed or hard to grasp it's because I still had a few more lessons to learn or I still wasn't being completely honest with myself about my motives.
    In the mean time do positive things for your self. I visualize washing away the negativity while I'm bathing or washing my hair. I get a cup of my favorite tea and visualize that I'm drinking in positive vibes.
    Think your desire/spell in firm positive basic statements then visualize seeing your spell/ desire happening.
    I may be saying things you already know but I'll send good vibes your way if that's okay with you.
    Blessed Be

  2. Thank you. It's nothing overly ambitious or anything, it's just small things....hopefully it all works out.

    I would love for you to send good vibes!!


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