I’ve always been a witch, of that I have no doubt but at times I feel like I am such a fraud compared to others I know. I read the blogs of witches and see the amazing things they do…..(so of course no inferiority complex here). I wish I was half as talented. I know what my problem is.

I don’t do the work.

I mean sure, I read a lot (and by a lot I mean it is almost an OCD thing) but I am never practical. I am what is referred to as a ‘book witch’. Now I will proudly fly the flag for my book witch sisters and brothers but I know at some point I will have to step out and throw myself out there, take a chance and bang away on the drum of chance. I do workings, it’s not as if I don’t actually do anything practical, but I think my results (or lack of as it were) speak volumes. I’ve devised a schedule of works made weekly and I am hoping that as soon as I get everything into line (I’m picking up a rather large extra study case load this year) I will have a better idea of where I stand.

Maybe I’ll start being the powerful being I wish I was.

Maybe I will actually be a witch who gets results.

Maybe I might make the time (or get the time away from outside demands) to do the work.

Maybe my maybes will become fact.


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