My Witch Cake

I bought a cake tin off eBay that I thought was just the best one I’d ever seen. A tin by Wilton called ‘High Flyin Witch’. It’s a 1980’s tin but I got a good deal on it and wanted to see if I could pull off making a cake. I generally use round tins or loaf tins because quite frankly – I love greaseproof paper, stops things sticking.

So this is my tin – adorable isn’t it?

I made a banana cake. We had some ripe bananas that needing using so I thought –why not? I like banana cake well enough.

I made a double mix as you can see; it filled the tin quite nicely.

Here is the finished non-iced cake. It turned out to be quite a large cake at the end of it. Sooo plenty of cake eating in store for me (luckily I’ve been going for little walks, I think I’ll need to).

I am not the most artistically minded person, in life I am a bit of a klutz. It’s a known and proven fact. However, in the spirit of giving things a go, I iced the cake. It’s not perfect nor is it probably going to win any awards but I did have fun doing it. The original picture had the witch wearing black but I couldn’t get there with my little four colours of food dye so I messed about a bit and ended up with a nice gun metal metallic sort of colour. Quite nice I think.

So that was my latest adventure in the kitchen…….