So One Dream Begins

I have now enrolled in my courses from the School of Natural Health Sciences. I think it is going to be an interesting experience and I am certainly hoping that this becomes my career. I like the idea of being a Herbalist/Past Life Therapist/Nutritionist. It’s a good starting place, later on I would love to properly study Western Herbal Medicine but I am happy with this for now. It’s a great building block.

I’ve always been drawn to herbs and there has been no particular reason for it that I can think of. My mother was never some one who was into herbs other than the dried ones you cook with and neither was any other member of my family. It’s a strange attraction. I feel it is my calling because I feel a passion to pursue it. I did a self past life regression using a cd by Doreen Virtue and I found that I was a herbalist and healer in a past life. Since my focusing skills are less than exemplary I didn’t glean a whole lot but this is what I did find out.

My name was Sophie. It was the year 1526 and I was 23 years old. I was in England somewhere in what looked like a castle or stone fort. I would collect herbs with my Nonna and we would make remedies to help people. The fort or castle was in the country, it wasn’t situated right in a town.
That was all I got but it shows that this is a clear indication that in my past was an interest in herbs. I am hoping to try and find out more as I go on, hence the interest in studying Past Life Therapy. I find it fascinating. I am also hoping to go to a professional past life regressionist and experience it, I feel this important to my development during this part of my course.

So while I am happily slugging away at those courses I am also still doing my Advanced Diploma in Professional Writing through Tafe. I am definitely taking a studious route this year….