Tarot Reading

In case you missed it, I had myself a little ‘The Universe is out to get me’ rant the other day (and I still think it is) but I decided to be more proactive and I did a tarot reading to see what lies ahead. I used my Celtic Dragon Tarot as it is the deck I am most connected to (however I am getting better with my Mystic Faerie deck). This is what I come up with.

(Forgive the way it is written, I tend to write it as though I am doing it for some one else, helps maintain objectivity – my own little reader quirk).

The Reading:

Card 1: Ace of Cups

There will be new beginnings in your life and this will be a time of joy and contentment. It will be an emotionally satisfying time in your life and there will be a lot of positivity and happiness. Your spiritual growth and intuition will expand and take you further than you thought would be possible. Your wish of meeting some one may be fulfilled because this card can also indicate the possibility of a new love in your life. This may seem to good to be true but it is going to be a fertile, happy time in your life. You will find yourself coming up with some great ideas and will feel inspired. This card is also one of intuition, so trust yours.

Card 2: The Star

Again this is a card that pertains to spiritual awakening and potential. However you need to learn to stretch yourself beyond what you think is your potential. This card is one that also indicates hopes, dreams and wishes will be manifested and new opportunities will be presenting themselves to you. Everything appears to be heading in a favourable direction; you have to learn to listen to the energies out there because they may offer some guidance. Your dreams are attainable and you will find help in places you may not have expected.

Card 3: Three of Cups

A time of success, good luck, happiness and prosperity is coming. This may also be a very creative time for you. Some of your problems will be resolved and this will lead to be emotionally happy and fulfilled. Again this also indicates new relationships or the possibility of renewing old ones (this could be a former love or friends you’ve lost touch with). This card is also one of intuition so this will definitely be progressing and growing as the time goes on. With your problems resolved you will find relief and definte good luck along the way.


Overall the time ahead is a happy, positive one with new relationships, experiences and joys. The wishes you have been harbouring will come to manifest, some more than likely in unexpected ways. There can be light at the end of the tunnel and the time ahead will show you that good things can happen.

This is how I usually lay out a reading when I do it for some one else. I tend to be fairly accurate when I do readings (I don’t want to seem as if I’m bragging, this is the general feedback I get) but given my pessimistic nature when I did this reading for myself my initial thought was ‘As if’ because I wondered if this was what I wish would happen as opposed to what is actually going to happen. The future is subjective, this I know and a lot of my issues come from an emotional place as is indicated by the the Cups in the reading.

I want to believe and I have to hope that maybe I can have what I want and be the one who has the luck for once in my life. I’m sticking to this reading and will see how it unfolds because, being the doubting Thomas I am, I also did a reading with my two oracle decks and my Faerie deck to see if it was just me and they all came out fairly positive so I am holding fast with fingers crossed that the Universe is gearing up to be kind and let my dreams come true.