Working With Deity

I’ve never been one for Deity, for most of my life I was atheist and even now, as a witch, I would call myself animist but still fairly atheist. I don’t know that I believe there are greater beings or energies out there that affect destiny and can, with the wave of a hand or a simple thought, change a person’s life.

But lately I’ve been feeling rumblings of that something ‘other’. I’ve written something that felt as though it was channeled by the Morrigan – let me tell you that was the strangest experience. This message kept banging around in my head and no matter how hard I tried to displace it, it would not leave. So I wrote it down and voila, it was gone. It was strange to me because I have never worked with Deity, never felt the need really and because of my oft pessimistic nature, thought even if I went a knockin’, they would not answer.

Then just recently I performed a ritual that invoked/called on the Cailleach (for those not familiar she is an ancient and powerful Celtic deity, one believed to be in existence prior to the Celtic pantheon) and I got a lecture. Stern but loving was the tone – however I am assured that since it summer currently here in Australia I more than likely met the less forceful aspect of the Cailleach who is a winter Goddess. It was very clear when she spoke to me (not a literal voice) and as I wrote her words I knew they were from her.

So two experiences with Deity that seem mostly unexplainable given my belief system and view of Deity. I’ve been reconsidering my stance, mostly because of these two events. I feel a pull toward the darker Goddesses but most especially toward the Morrigan and to a certain extent Hecate. I’ve been researching some others that interest me, especially the Goddesses who live firmly in the wisdom, herbal knowledge and divination areas. I think if I was to pick a patron it would be the Morrigan but I would keep my options open, see who was interested so to speak.

I am open to other world energies, I also think I inadvertently attract them on occasion (but that will be for another post), dragons are a passion of mine, one I have let lapse. As are the Fae, my faery garden is sadly neglected and I think they probably hate me with a passion right now because at one point the garden was quite beautiful. Something I will deign to rectify post haste.

I think this bares more thinking, more exploring before I can make a firm decision. There is much information out there but as always, ultimately I think I will go with my intuition to see where I end up.