#3 Back To It

It has been some time since I’ve done anything with this card. I don’t mean to be lazy but things happen and what can been seen as less important may take a backseat. It’s a sad state of affairs when I shove my craft to the back burner because I feel like I have other things to do. It’s something to work on.

So last night I took the time to sit with this card and really hear what it was trying to tell me. I ended up writing quite a bit as it came to mind. My notebook is starting to look like a divination Grimoire. Here is what this card said to me.

The path, like the vines behind her, is long and twisting. There is no point A to B in a straight line. There are many road, many branches and all is not what it seems. To some the Old Hag Witch might seem ugly and is to be avoided, to others the pretty face hides deceit. But to some she will be the Wise Old Crone, the pretty face is merely a distraction so she may see who will look beneath and see the wisdom she has to offer. The Crone has journeyed long and far, she knows roads, has seen more than we can ever hope to. Surrounded by green, she is of the earth. She knows it and it embraces her. She has pointed ears which may point to a wilder heritage, of her being a real child of nature, something other – she may even be Fae.

She is here to tell me not to be distracted. I have a short attention span and tend not to focus. As the Sea Storm said “The journey will continue for some time” and so I must be more dedicated to my life and spiritual goals. I must not let myself lose focus. The Old Hag Witch is my goal – wisdom, knowledge, power and purpose.


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