#3 The Cards

The Chess Queen

This card represents a quest for a life of purpose, peace and prosperity. It is about allowing yourself to ask Spirit for a vision of my life and asking for help to bring that vision to fulfillment. It helps to make the right choices, the right moves and allowing Spirit into your life can help. Divine help is at your disposal.

Lady With A Bosch Egg

You may be experiencing wisdom from ancient sources, this energy may seem unfamiliar – even dark but it could be messages sent from a time when souls like yourself were oppressed and hunted. It is time to really explore the history of magic and spirituality as it may enlighten you and help you see and understand the messages.

Sea Storm

There may be a time of upheaval and great change, trust your intuition and remember to check your wisdom as it will help you. Being flexible and adaptable will help during this time. If you have an interest in Atlantis or Lemuria, follow it as memories of being there may begin to surface.

Can’t say I’ve been feeling homesick for Atlantis and I am not sure of where or what Lemuria was – something to look up which I do enjoy doing. I suppose I am looking to find my life’s purpose, I do believe I have found it in the courses I am doing. Of course I won’t know for sure until I actually physically start practicing as a therapist. I don’t work with Spirit much or ever but it is something that I am looking to change as I go on with my study. There are so many different areas of interest for me that I tend to flit, I never focus in one area too much (bad me!). The second card is interesting, I do tend to experience strange things at times that seem ‘otherworldly’ but it is hard to explain, people tend to think you sound as though you’ve lost your mind. Sea Storm sounds troubling but sometimes change is a good thing – depends on how it manifests I imagine.


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