#4 A Healing Altar

Since it seems my current path lay in the healing arts to varying degrees, and I was guided to choosing The Healing Witch I thought I would put together a healing altar. My mum is not feeling very well at the moment and I always do put together a little healing thing for her when she is not well, I decided to combine larger elements together and see if it could help her feel better.

I combined the usual elements I select for her healing altar. A Healing spell card, a Chakra Healing candle and Bloodstone but this time I added Sodalite, Carnelian (both healing stones, an Earth Feng Shui candle for grounding and healing and a small branch of Oak. Oak has powerful healing properties and was often burnt to cure a house of illness.

While my mother is at the doctors, I will charge it for her and place it beside her bed for when she comes back. I am hoping these healing elements will come together and move her along the path of wellness.