Sunday, 11 March 2012

#4 The Healing Witch

“The Healing Witch reveals unfailing support and guidance, influencing your romantic heart while presenting truthful knowledge. She nutures others with warmth and comfort.

A situation that heightens your intuition and renews your willpower soon makes some one you know feel better. Your own life will be bright because you seek the light and face the sunshine.”

I find it fascinating that I pulled this card but also not altogether surprising. My current study path is leading me toward the healing arts to some degree so it must be that I should look at this a little closer – or perhaps it is a confirmation. It could also mean that my healing will be needed or that I myself need to do some healing. I’m not sure yet but I imagine in time it will be revealed.

When I think of myself, healer was not something that came to mind. It is certainly not a career path I had envisioned and although I am not going to be a doctor, being a therapist I will still be healing in some form or another. Although, later on – should funds allow, I would like to study Western Herbal Medicine, but that is a long time away. If ever.

For now I shall see where The Healing Witch leads me and what part of myself she requires me to work on.

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  1. Oooh... I absolutelly love this card!! <3 Thank you so much for sharing this Witchy Medicine Tarot )O(