#5 The Happily Ever After Witch

The Happily Ever After Witch predicts a lucky time, promising a happily ever after for you. You make wonderful progress, and many happily celebrations result from your surprising magical esteem.

Heaven sent new people, new places and unique opportunities now appear like never before. You have very special choices to make that will never again come your way.”

Wow, road to positivity and luck here I come. I can’t say for sure that I completely agree but this is just my naturally pessimistic nature popping and ruining the party. I want to believe this with all that I am and previously I had done tarot readings that indicated great times ahead but I don’t buy it at face value because

I have learned over these part 28yrs that although part of my heritage is Irish, I most certainly do not have the mythical ‘luck of the Irish’. I want happily ever after, I want joy to the world and all the rest of it, but I have to believe that it is not that simple.

I wonder if this card is pointing to me as the vehicle of my happily ever after. Maybe I have to drive the journey to get to the destination. I am curious about those special choice and unique opportunities….


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