The Changes in Life

I’m coming up on 28 this month and while I am aware this is considered young, I find myself reflecting on the years that I have lived so far and what changes have been wrought in my life.

Up until a few years ago, I worked in a supermarket. I was a checkout chick and quite frankly – I hated it. Retail is highly overrated. And for the record: the customer is not always right. I didn’t much worry about my spiritual side, I knew that I didn’t believe in God but my witch side had been buried for a number of years, school is not a place to be different – especially in the country where there is at least two churches in every town. I didn’t think ahead because I was really only living day to day and not worrying about the larger picture. My main dream was to be a writer (it still is) and beyond that my ambitions were very low.

I never really believed in myself, I am one of those negative voices in my head sort of people. I try the positive thing and it can be very draining. I really thought that my best hope in life was to just work a job that paid some money and that was that. However I think that there was something out there that felt differently and intervened in a big way. You see, when I was 21 I got incredibly sick. I had an Upper Respiratory Chest Infection with a Secondary Bacterial Infection. A mouthful to say and it was one of the worst times of my life. I had this for three long months and I practically lived on antibiotics, I landed in hospital and my beloved Rottweiler Austin passed away. For two and a half years after this I was constantly sick, chest infections, fluid in the lungs, tonsillitis, bronchitis – you name it, I got it. I was a mess. I eventually lost my job, too much time off. I couldn’t work much because any contact with people who had even a small common cold would give me some sort of medication-needed immune problem. But the funny thing is all of this lead to a turn around in my life.

Since I had so much time on my hands, I spent it reading, mucking about online and this is when I came across The Firefly Academy. It hadn’t been online very long – only a year at this point I think. It kindled my interest in spiritual matters again and I enrolled and began taking courses. It led to me finding other interests and reacquainting myself with some old ones. During this time I also took a trip to Ireland – a six day tour of Southern Ireland. It was an amazing trip and such a fantastically beautiful country. When I came back I really threw myself into my study and two years later I became a Priestess of the Outer Circle, now nearly four years later, I am going to become Ordained and be a member of the Inner Circle.

I began doing an Advanced Diploma of Arts in Professional Writing through TAFE, wrote classes for Firefly, two of which I teach, several others I contributed to. I began to learn to read Tarot; eventually I became proficient enough that I now give readings to others. I began to learn how to read Oracle cards, work with a pendulum and finally followed my dream of working with and learning about herbs in a way that would lead to a professional qualification. Studying Herbalism, Past Life Therapy and Nutrition will give me a career I have dreamt of, one that is hopefully successful. Although becoming a therapist was not something I had envisioned years ago when I was working on checkout.

The rather ironic or funny thing is that people who know me would be surprised I had taken the ‘therapist’ or ‘helping people' route. I will admit that outside of my family I am quite selfish, I’m cynical, often detached and not always the most empathetic but show me a baby animal and I fall to pieces. I once had a friend tell me that I was too selfish to have children and I still think he was probably right. I do like my ‘Me’ time which is even more surprising that where I am in life now is leading to helping others and somehow making that sit right with the more selfish part of my personality.

To me looking at where I am now blows my mind. The things that I have achieved and will soon achieve are so opposite where I thought I would be. I see the list: Priestess, Witch, Divination Reader, Teacher, Student, Writer, Soon to be Pagan Clergy and Soon to be Holistic Therapist and I realise just how far I’ve come – just how much I have grown over the years. I still have dreams I want to achieve, like buying my first home, finding love and creating my first coven and now I feel like this can be possible because of what I have accomplished so far.