Monday, 19 March 2012

Day 13: What are some of the witchy books that influenced you?

The first truly witchy type book I ever read was ‘Witch: A Personal Journey’ by Fiona Horne. Now I know these days she doesn’t have much witch-cred but back then this was one of the few Southern Hem related books on Witchcraft. When you’re a solitary in the middle of nowhere you can’t be too picky.

I was influenced by Scott Cunningham’s herbal related works:

Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
Incense, Oils and Brews
Magical Herbalism

Although I no longer identify as Wiccan, his book Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner was one of the first books I got to read so it played an important part on setting me on this path.

Ann Moura’s Green Witchcraft series
Green Magic was the first one I bought in this series but I closely followed it with her three Green Witchcraft books. These books definitely lean toward the Wiccan side but it still is a very interesting read and it lead me toward the green path.

Crone’s Magical Words by Valerie Worth
This was one of the books I read that got me thinking outside the confines of Wiccan philosophy. It had curses and all sorts and it was truly fascinating.

The Celtic Dragon Tarot
My first deck, the book is really fantastic in helping you connect with dragons. This deck is still the deck I read best with, the one I am most connected to. This is done by D J Conway and Lisa Hunt.

Dragon Magick by D J Conway
I’ve always loved Dragons so this book is fairly self explanatory.

Nice Girls Book of Naughty Spells – Deborah Gray
This was my 1st book on witchcraft bought for my 13th birthday by my parents.

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft
Really a must have in any witchy library. It is a wonderful book and a great resource of information.

Tarot for the Green Witch – Ann Moura
This lead me to look at tarot differently. It is an excellent tarot resource and I would definitely recommend it to any tarot enthusiast.

The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells and the Element Encyc of Witchcraft – Judika Illes.
These books are fabulous and HUGE. Full of great information from all around the world, it delivers across the board on any subject you could possibly be looking for.

Garden Witchery, Cottage Witchery, Natural Witchery by Ellen Dugan
Ellen is a wonderful writer, she has a very conversational style that is easy to relate to. She does not put on airs or pretend to be something she’s not. Because she is completely down to earth in the way she writes, it is very easy to get caught up in her books.

In the Circle by Elen Hawke
I like this writer. She has a wonderful style and she really gives you a sense of her practice but there is also a touch of magic in the way she writes. This was also another one of my first books.

Book of Shadows by Phyllis Curott
This is the story of her journey into Wicca, an interesting read, very evocative and it gave me some ideas of my own to work with.

Witch’s Guide to Faery Folk – Edain McCoy
It was the first book I got on Faery Folk. It has an encyclopedia, some spells, rituals etc. A great starting place if you are looking to working with the Fae.

So this is my list of influential books – or at least the ones that were influential early on. My tastes are constantly changing depending on where I am heading in my learning process at any particular time. These were my first books, so very interesting and taught me a lot. Granted a lot of them are Wiccan flavoured but that is the thing with most Pagan style books these days. I am now moving toward purchasing from more boutique publishers who sell books of a more traditional non Wiccan nature.

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