Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Day 14: A favourite pagan holiday that you celebrate

On the day that I write this it is actually also my favourite pagan holiday – Mabon. I couldn’t tell you exactly why it is my favourite just that I truly feel a strong connection to it. It is the Sabbat I chose for my first initiation at Firefly as a Priestess of the Outer Circle and it is also the Sabbat I chose for my initiation as a Priestess of the Inner Circle (which I will be performing tonight) and also because it is close to my birthday. I’m a true Autumn Witch – bred and born (she says cheekily).

It signals to me that autumn has truly begun, the weather cools and it is time to harvest things grown and look to the future of what will be. It is a time for making plans and of putting those plans into action. It is also a time when I feel most connected to performing divination – perhaps the cooler weather lets my braincells function better. It is also close to daylight savings time, when we put the clocks back and this witch gets an hour extra of sleep – but it also signals that the nights are longer. I love autumn because it holds so much potential and promise, it leads to winter and the cooler months.

Mabon is the start of this, it calls to my spirit and I find that I really do love to feel the onset of autumn.

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