Day 5: A Favourite Goddess.

The Morrigan

Art by Jessica Galbreth
I don’t work with Deity as a rule, I tend to just work with earth energies but I do feel a definite pull toward the darker Goddesses (which is interesting because for the majority of my formative years I was atheist) because I find them fascinating, and interesting.

My favourite, if I had to choose one, would be The Morrigan. I have a sort of history with her, she once spoke to me. I’ve also had contact with the Cailleach, a primordial and ancient Goddess of Winter but today my focus is not on her but she will be in my life again, of that I have no doubt.

The Morrigan

The Morrigan is sometimes referred to as a Raven Goddess (wouldn’t you know it, I happen to love Ravens and Crows – I think they are beautiful birds), she is also the Goddess of Battle, Strife and Fertility.  She is sometimes seen as a Triple Goddess but there are debates on whether she is truly one or has been presented as one throughout history. She often appears as an old woman in a raven feather cloak or as a washerwoman by a river.

She is also referred to as The Phantom Queen, Moon Goddess, Queen of the Faerie, Goddess of Prophecy, Goddess of Magick and Patroness of Priestesses and Witches (also has been referred to as Queen of the Witches). She is a very powerful Seer and Shapeshifter and is a very strong ally when called on.

The Morrigan is not a Goddess to take lightly, she is strong, fearsome and powerful so respect is definitely in order when approaching this Goddess.


Associated Deities: Fea (Hateful), Badbh (Fury), Nemon (Venomous), Macha(Battle)
Properties: Goddess of War, Life & Death
Totem Bird: The Carrion Crow, Raven
Element: Earth
Associated Sites: Battle-Fields, Plain of Muirthemne (near Dundalk, Co. Louth) River Unshin near Corann (she created the river by urinating)
Realm: The North (Land of the Dead)
Herbs: Mugwort
Trees: Yew, Willow and Blackthorn
Crystals: Clear Quartz
Colors: Red and Black
Offerings: Ale, Crows Feather, Blood {Menstrual Blood} could use raw red meat and red wine as well .
Gifts: Courage, death, enchantments, magic, moon, destruction, night, passion, psychic abilities, retribution, revenge, tarot, war, fresh water, fate, foretelling, hunting, oracles, prophecy, rituals, sexuality, shape-shifting, spiritual illumination, poetry.


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