Day 7: Air element.

Already on my blog I have put the information for Air (correspondences) so I thought instead I would talk about how I feel about the element of Air.

I love the element of Air; I think it is probably my favourite element. I love going outside on a windy day, standing there and letting the air blow around me, above me, below me and right through me. I often stand outside with my arms spread out feeling it rush over me. I’m not sure why I enjoy Air so much because it is not actually part of my astrological makeup (if you believe in that sort of thing). I’m a Fire Sun Sign, Fire Ascending Sign, Earth Moon Sign combo. One could make the argument I imagine that because Air is lacking I tend to want it more – or that Air feeds Fire.

Whatever it is, I truly enjoy anything from a light breeze to gale force winds. There is power in Air, such strength and force. It can carry a feather ever so light on a breeze or tear apart just about everything. That’s the thing about the elements I suppose – great power and beauty but great destructive qualities too.

The picture I have incorporated into this post is one I took some time ago of a beautiful sunset. It was incredible.


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