Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Day 9: A favourite mythological animal

My favourite mythological animal is the Dragon. I’ve always had an affinity and love for them. I collect figurines; one adorns my altar out of respect and love for what they represent.

For Xmas my dear brother bought me a Dragon Castle. Cool isn’t it? I aspire to work with Dragons magically but I’ve not yet begun to do so. I think it is something that needs to be approached with knowledge, Dragons don’t suffer fools lightly. The following info is an excerpt taken from my Independent Study for the Spiral Priesthood at Firely.

The Dragon

Dragons are mythological creatures; often spoke of in awe or horror. Each culture around the world has Dragon legends or myths, though in today’s society most people associate Dragons with the Asia’s and Europe, the representations of Dragons in each of these cultures are what people generally think of when the word Dragon is mentioned. They are often described as reptilian in appearance, mostly serpentine in Asia, with a thick neck and tail and wings in Europe.  The popular image is of a fearsome beast that breathes fire and kidnaps innocent maidens waiting for the noble knight to slay the Dragon and save the day. In Asia Dragons are often revered and treated as Gods, they are respected and honoured as a primal force of nature, an embodiment of the elements. They are also used in Feng Shui as protection for the home. As an embodiment of the elements, as primal force and chaos, Dragons make excellent Co-Magicians and can add tremendous power to any ritual or spell if called upon to help.

Some practice magick with Dragons as Co-Magicians simply because they love the Dragon, some have Dragons as familiars and now there is a branch of Wicca called Draconic Wicca. This incorporates Wiccan beliefs with a Dragon Code of Honour. It is based around working rituals and spells that include the powerful assistance of Dragons. Dragons live on the Astral Plane, so one must contact them to pull them into our reality. However the first rule of Dragon Magick is to treat them as equals with respect and reverence, if one tries to treat a Dragon as a servant it will not work with you and all attempts to contact Dragons again may fail until they feel you are ready to stand before them without arrogance and superiority. Dragons can also see into the soul, they will know who is true and who is only after power. When working with Dragons, be clear on what it is that you want to achieve because Dragons will act without mercy, they will help you manifest your desire but perhaps not in the way you want, without clarity they will take the course of action they believe will work and sometimes there may be unforeseen consequences. But if you work with them and always present an offering (Dragons love crystals and gemstones) they will be faithful and powerful co magicians.

Dragons, like fairies, pixies, elves and all manner of other magickal creatures, appear more easily to children than adults. It is thought this is because children are innocent and often take things as they see them without a skeptical or jaded eye. They especially like to appear to children with natural psychic ability, it is also said that Dragons are most helpful during divination works because they like to feed on the leftover psychic energy used during Tarot readings, scrying, pendulum works, runic work and other Divination activities.

There are several different types of Dragons, one for each of the elements and ones for the dark and light areas, just outside the elements. Sairys is the Dragon of Air, Sairys oversees the dragons of breezes and winds, they also work with winds and storms. Fafnir is the Dragon of Fire, he oversees fire and sunbeams but also the volcanoes, deserts and arid regions. Naelyn is the Dragon of Water. Naelyn oversees the dragons of sea, springs, lakes, and ponds. At times Naelyn will also work with the Air Dragon. Grael is the Dragon of Earth. Grael oversees the dragons of mountains, lands, minerals, gems and moonbeams.

There are also Dragons of Light and Dark. They are the Dragons that rule the centre of the circle and balance the other elements. Dragons of Light rule positive energies and vibrations, Dragons of the Dark rule negative energies and vibrations. There are also young Dragons called Guardian Dragons. They come in various shapes and sizes and are often referred to as “apprentice” Dragons. Guardians will work with Witches as this helps them learn about humans and their powers. They are great for matters such as protection, friendship, love, divination and crystal work. They will help develop psychic powers and ritual work and are quite protective of their charges.

A common symbol of alchemical work is the Dragon holding its tale in its mouth, this symbolizes eternity and this is what I most love about Dragons. They are infinite, wise and wonderful. They are the forbearers of all ancient knowledge and power and can offer us the chance to reconnect with those who went before us. To know the Dragon is to know part of ourselves, our inner desires and perhaps even the subconscious spiritual knowledge we possess but can’t or don’t know how to access.

I know it seems fanciful but I still choose to believe that deep within our earth the Dragons sleep, waiting for the day when they can wake and return to this world without fear of persecution and help grow spiritual awareness and acceptance in this world. To create a society that has no fear, has reached a higher state of understanding and spirituality and will bring about better change for all humankind.

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  1. I love dragons, always have!! I have a pewter one in the loo (I don't know why), and I have got books and DVD's etc...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!
    Currently reading "Dragon Keeper" by Robin Hobb.

    I love your Dragon Castle it is very cool :o))