Saturday, 31 March 2012

Flying/Witches Oil

I was inspired when reading on a blog about Flying/Witches Ointment. Sarah of Forest Grove makes them and although she is experienced with the stronger and more potent herbs and flowers I am not. I decided to try it with herbs that have the spirit/flying correspondences and make an oil. I am doing a Herbalism course and no doubt as I move through the more advanced stages of it I will learn about the more ‘dangerous’ herbs, but for now this witch is happy to try things and see how they work out.

I took the list of her herbs, deducted some and added others of my own from researching this particular type of ointment and then I decided to make it an oil, not having any beeswax on hand and since I live in the middle of nowhere, wasn’t possible to duck down the road and find some – although, I will be looking to purchase some in the near future to give it a go. (I also watch ‘How to Grow Your Own Drugs’ and want to try some of the recipes).

So I tracked down a nice bottle, ground my herbs up, popped them in the bottle and added some grapeseed oil. I also put in some Myrrh and Dragon’s Blood essential oil. I can’t tell you if it will work, I won’t know for some time yet. I have to let it soak and work its elements together but I am hoping that it does work. I am wanting to let my spirit soar as it were or let myself go into trance because I am looking at becoming a Fae Worker and I know that I have trouble letting go of my mind and heart (I suck at meditation) and I would love for this oil to help aid in that. Like I said though, I won’t know for some time, I have to let it ‘brew’. It is currently sitting on my bedroom windowsill as it gets most of the sun during the day being eastern facing.

The Herbs I used for this were: Poppy Seed, Mandrake Root, Mugwort, Wormwood, Yarrow, Vervain and Sage. Do not ask me in what quantities because I don’t really measure. I generally go with instinct and feel my way through. Of course, later on if I decide to use more baneful herbs – measuring will become an exact science.

For now I will wait, I am hoping to get some of these herbs up and growing so I can use fresh herbs in the future.

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