My Garden - Post Summer

This little guy was during summer - I called him Elvis.

This is my English (Black) Mulberry. It is growing at a fearsome rate, so I imagine it will grow at an alarming rate once planted out in the paddock. (Waiting for the hot weather to pass).

I don't actually know what these bulbs are, they've been in the garden for as long as I've been living here. They just pop up every year looking sunny.

The Kumquat has started to flower.

Pink Impatiens - I do love Impatiens, they really add a fun feel to the garden.

This is a Pink Trumpet Vine. I recently only found this out while researching info on another plant that incidentally comes from the same genus.

This is a really lovely rose, the photo doesn't do it justice. It has a really nice yellow hue when the light hits the white part of the flower.

This is my Avocado, grown from a seed of one that was used to make especially delicious guacamole. I think it will be interesting to see how it progresses. I've never seen an avocado tree before.

So this is the garden post summer. Everything survived, a lot of things thrived and are still thriving, I am going to be planting out some more herbs, flowers and other exciting garden nummies soon!


  1. How gorgeous is Elvis!!!!!!
    We have grown an avocado this year from seed too, but we made the mistake in putting it outside when it was a hot day now all the leaves are a bit burnt, but it has new leaves coming through so it will survive.
    I love growing things from seeds I have harvested!!

  2. We weren't sure if the avo was going to grow as it took quite some time but I'm glad it did!

  3. Did you grow it in water first or straight into soil?
    Just querying because we have grown one in water and it is just about a metre tall now and the other seed we have put in soil but nothing seems to be happening with it....
    I am trying to grow a few as they say you have to have more than one for cross pollination to occur for fruit!!

  4. We just put two seeds in two pots with potting mix. One came up, the other hasn't yet. We've got some more to plant, we tend to let them dry out a little first. It took awhile for it to come up though.


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