Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Trying to be motivated

I am probably one of the laziest witches you will ever meet. I do, with all good intention, write a list of things I want to get done, things I want to try and it never quite seems to work out the way I had hoped. I tend to consider doing it and then I never actually do.

So here is my plan. Each week I am going to pick something witchy to do but instead of being a small spiritual lesson it will be a larger project. So for instance, I’ve been lagging on my besom making project, I sort of half sanded it but haven’t picked it up again yet. That will be my project for this week. Finishing my besom.

Next week I might do some work on my Faery Garden. I had it all done and everything but I let it go over time and now it is an unattractive patch of dirt with a couple of garden ornaments. I want to make this more than a fae garden, I would also like to make it my personal outdoor space, other places around our home are either reserved for pets or can be seen. Plus it is right under our oak tree and I do have a strong connection with it so any outdoor magicks I perform, I think I would like to do near this tree. So here goes and we shall see. Sunday, hopefully I will be posting a fully finished Besom….


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