Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Card #6 The Eye of Newt Witch

Curiously, this week the deck seemed to be intent on giving me two cards, so I am assuming this is the spirits telling me that I need to work on both of these aspects for this week. I’ve put them as card 6 & 7 respectively but will be working on both aspects at once.

The Full Moon Witch also jumped out the deck but I don’t believe she was part of this week’s challenge, more I think she was giving me a message. Her message is that the tides bring fertility and fruition to heartfelt plans and actions but to be careful because sometimes the Full Moon hides shadows. Problems will diminish and I will find a new stability. Positive with shades of grey, I can live with that.

Card #6 – The Eye of Newt Witch

The Eye of Newt Witch bestows a deadly glance on one she believes deserves it. ‘Eye Blighted’, her casualty suffers a run of bad luck or illness.

Most witches cast good spells, but it might be right to cast a spell on one who needs to be checked for continually doing wrong. This is a warning of great value; do not cast the evil eye. But you can turn your magic around to counteract one who wishes you harm.”

Curious and curiouser. I can’t say I’m feeling the need to eye-blight some one. I’m sure there are people in my life or life in general who deserve a magical ass kicking but for right now I’m good – so this tells me the immediate answer for this card is not the right one. For the true meaning of this card as it pertains to my witch aspect in need of work I will have to search for and analyse. Which is fine, I may not be the biggest on self reflection all of the time but I can do it when needs must. So my next obvious move is to pull a card from my trusty Oracle of Shadows and Light (this deck is always brutally honest and is never ever ambiguous in its meaning) and see what it has to say.

The Angel of Time

"It is time for a break from all things mechanical and technical, this angel is telling me I need to take time away from things like the computer. It is time to simply rest in nature’s embrace, to walk in a forest, to meditate outside, to take time for nature pursuits such as gardening as it would be very beneficial at this time. It is time to unwind myself as I am coiled like tight springs. I am giving too much to work and need to take the time to look after myself, to hear the messages my body is giving me and take action."

Huh. Well there you go, she hit the nail on the head – after I sat and thought about it for awhile. I do spend an awful lot of time at my computer, my study load is heavier this year and I am trying to resurrect my fallen business and it is hard work. Bloody hard work. Perhaps I do need to reconnect with nature, to let her energies recharge me. I probably do need a break to let my spiritual side breathe and just be. When I get caught up in focusing on something, it tends to be let behind. It’s something to think about.

When I look at the ‘Eye of Newt Witch’ I see not an angry witch who wants to evil eye everyone – I’m sure for some people who pull this card it is entirely appropriate to their situation but for me not so much. Looking beyond the obvious I see her in a different light. She is holding her newt in glass, as though she is trying to capture something – an interesting side note is that lizards generally represent letting go and elusiveness which is entirely appropriate at this time. The newt and the lore that goes with it is also as old as time itself, for the ages witches have been associated with using eye of newt and this represents my desire and my quest to look back to the old magicks, to find my way to the Old Path. I am almost there, I can feel it in my bones but there is much to know, much to learn – this is definitely a challenge but it is also a part of my path.

She is both dark and light purple and each has a different meaning. Dark purple is use for calling up the power of the Ancient Ones, spirituality, psychic ability, success, clarity of thought, overcoming business difficulties, magical forces and business progress (to name a few). Lavender is for inner peace, tranquility and power. I see my different paths in this card and hope they come to align. I am moving slowly back to my business albeit in a completely different direction and I am moving forward in my spiritual studies, and life in general. I think this week is going to be challenging because The Bat Witch is also asking a lot of me and I can see myself working harder than I’ve ever worked before but in a way that will honour the words of the Angel of Time.

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