Day 18: Have you had any paranormal experiences?

Bear with me, this could take some explaining. Ever since I can remember, I've always been a dreamer, they've been very vivid, very full on and always I've been a participatory member of my dreams, I've never had one of the passive watcher dreams BUT I've also had some very strange experiences with being between sleeping and waking. When I was younger I used to dream about a jaguar (cat not car) and when I dreamed of it, it would always jump at me out of darkness and I would wake sitting up. I know on occasion I astral travel, I don't often remember it but I do wake up when I slam back into my body - not a pleasant feeling let me tell you.

So now that I've rambled a little, I will often semi-wake and when I do, I see the strangest things (I know I'm not asleep because two seconds later I will fully wake and be wtf?). I see nets above my bed, animals next to my bed, on occasion I've seen people, dark masses, lights, weird shapes and it's all very odd. One more than one occasion I have seen a person – shape. I can sometimes feel when this is about to happen because lately it seems to happen when I am awake – the other night I saw a black cat walk along side me in bed. I know it wasn’t my cat because she was asleep elsewhere.

As far as paranormal experiences go, to me this is quite strange but it happens. I’ve not really explored it, not sure I want to at this time.


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