The Fae Path

I mentioned in another post that I was feeling a pull toward the Fae path but I could never quite reconcile myself to exploring that avenue when, in my mind, I had the image of Tinkerbell. Completely random because on an intellectual level I know that like our own world, the Fae world is full of different races, species, types and personalities. Some nice and friendly, some not so much, like our world they have their bad sorts.

I took a class on it and it piqued my interest in exploring this area further. See, it all started with seeing images of the Mystic Faerie Tarot, I felt a strong compulsion to buy them. I almost wasn’t in control of it. From this point I purchased the Oracle of Shadows and Light and this lead me to a truer sense of what may be out there….beyond.

My last ‘Faery’ purchase was the Faeries Oracle and Heart of Faerie Oracle. Looking at these cards I could see the world I was trying to understand, trying to move toward. The cards spoke to me on a visceral level and I could feel a pull toward them. As of right now I haven’t actually used them, I’ve been quite busy, but I am planning to devote myself to learning their secrets. For the first time in my life I am going to try to learn something without using a book – should be interesting for a book mad nut like myself.

There is much to learn about the Fae world I think. I don’t imagine it will be easy, I don’t think I’ll be poking my head out the door saying ‘Hey Mum check out my Tinkerbell’ because I understand it doesn’t work that way. It’s a learning process for sure. It’s more of a give it a try and see what happens. I may end up being a Fae worker or I may just end up learning lots of information on it. I might find myself being able to cross into the Fae World and see it for myself (hopefully being able to cross back – you never know with Fae) or I may just get better at meditating; it’s all a matter of trial and error. And commitment (ugh there’s that c word) to trying to understand and walk paths not obvious.

Am I going to be a good Fae Worker? Hell if I know, I even suck at meditating but I won’t know unless I try.


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