Life Path

So here begins another ‘What the hell am I here for’ post. It’s not necessarily a rant but more of a thoughtful realization of perhaps I have found my calling, my path. Granted it’s going to be a hard one because me being me, I never do anything the easy way. I’m the witch who likes to overly complicate things and wonder why it never works out…..seriously, it’s a flaw, I know and I acknowledge it. Okay, this may not be a ‘what the hell’ post but I’ve had things going around in my head for a few days, I’ve been trying to work toward some sort of resolution that makes sense and I think I know where I’m heading – or at least where I’m at now and how I need to move forward.

I love herbs; I love to work with herbs, make things with herbs, write about herbs and teach classes on herbs. Herb, herbs, herbs, herbs, herbs. I am not the most artistic person in the world so I tend to try and create things to use. I grow herbs as well, not as big a variety as I would like magically speaking, but I grow a mean culinary herb. I realized that along the way I did kind of lose sight of the fact that I’ve always felt a pull toward herbs, I took the first step and enrolled myself in a Herbalism course, now I am moving forward again to try and create magical products using herbs, or at least incorporating herbs into it. Oils, candles, hand blended incenses, herbs that are organically grown etc etc.

My path as a witch has always been in the herbal area, perhaps that’s me, my new tradition – Herbal Witchery…. Anyways, I want to be able to make things to sell that are potent, strong and magical. I am going to try and make everything as organic as possible and this includes buying organic seeds – I have found a fantastic online store in Australia that sells the most incredible range of herbs and plants, anything from rosemary to mandrake, sage to belladonna and just about everything in between. It makes my witchy senses salivate. I am going to try and grow things like Hawthorn and Elder, I already have an amazing Oak and Almond tree but I would like to explore others such as Juniper and Willow, however being that tht Willows tend to suck up the water and seek out pipes – perhaps not. I live in outback SA where we are drought ridden most of the time so I wouldn’t know where to put a willow. Too bad I don’t have a river in my backyard. That would be handy.

I’m going to start small of course. I have to start growing most things but I will also use the stock I have from when I had an eBay store. Mostly herbs and whatnot. I am going to attempt to make my own candles, I’m not sure if I will go the hand dipped or mould route but they will have essential oils and powdered herbs in them for the added magical boost. As I move along in my herbalism degree and learn more I am going to make salves, potions, lotions and more. For now I’m working with the knowledge I have which is not minimal but also not hugely advanced.

Where has the inspiration for this come? I think it has been a long slow burn in the back of my mind. I always knew what I wanted to achieve but I never truly made the time to actually think about it, but some of my other inspirations have been blogs online, stores online and other bits in between. I have looked at my witchy path and realized it is so light and lazy I may as well not bother. I can’t walk away though, there is no out for me, this is who I am but I also know that The Cailleach will not be happy with me. She spoke to me and shared her wisdom. She gave me advice and so far I haven’t truly heeded it but come winter (The Cailleach is at her strongest and most powerful in winter) if I have not pulled my finger out she will bring everything she is down on me for ignoring her.

I don’t know if anything I have just written makes a lick of sense but hopefully from this jumble of thoughts and ideas, something streamlined, a clear path emerges.