Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day 22: Current moon phase

The current moon phase is New Moon (4% of Full). I actually prefer the dark/new moon to the full moon personally but that’s just me. People often find it strange that as a witch I have no strong connection to the full moon, I don’t know why. I still honour her and speak to her but it is more remote.

New Moon

New Moon is for Beginnings, New projects, Spiritual development, Transformation, Gardening (planting seeds)

Moon rises at dawn, sets at sunset; for full use of these energies, stick to between this time period. Moon is exact from the new moon until 3 1/2 days after.

Purpose: Beginnings
Pagan Holiday: Winter Solstice
Goddess Name: Rosemerta's Moon
Goddess Energy: Goddesses of growth
Offering: Milk and Honey
Theme: Abundance
Rune: Fehu for abundance, Kenaz for openings, Gebo for love
Tarot Trump: The Fool

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