Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day 24: Your moon sign

My moon sign is Capricorn. Capricorn is the tenth sign in the Zodiac from the constellation Capricornus. Capricorns are earth signs, one of the four cardinal signs and are considered introverts.

If You Are A Capricorn Moon Sign

A capricorn moon sign will have primarily the following traits. Your self-esteem and personal and spiritual growth comes primarily from you acceptance and letting go of any emotional reaction to being labeled something.

Have a look at the list and notice anything which you resist, i.e. it doesn’t fit in with your self-image or you wish it wasn’t part of you.

- Risk adverse
- Likes safety and security
- Hard on self
- Private
- Organised
- Efficient
- Practical
- Patient
- Responsible
- Difficult to show affection
- Overly worrisome
- Ambitious
- Strong willed
- Desire knowledge
- Dislike being idle
- Rarely shows emotions
- Eager to learn
- Materialistic success desired

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