Yay New Book & New Tarot Deck

My new tarot and book!
Yesterday came my new tarot deck The Wildwood Tarot and my new book Witchcraft Medicine by Claudia Muller-Ebeling. I'm so excited to get started reading, I've wanted both for a while now but could never find them at the right price but I did this time so yay!

Why did I purchase these lovelies? I've been drawn to the Wildwood Tarot for some time now, I saw it on another blog one day and was blown away by the pictures, the primal energy of the images touched a spot deep within my spirit and I knew that I would have to have them at some point. The book, Witchcraft Medicine was something I came across when researching herbalism - you know how it is, one link leads to another which leads to another - and it sounded really fascinating. I had borrowed it from the library - am about half way through but because I have to return it, I wanted my own copy.

Both will have reviews written soon......


  1. oooh, i love "witchcraft medicine"! they used to have a copy at our local public library, but then it got "lost", as most of the books that are pagan or pagan-themed do. i have another book by those authors called "pagan christmas" that i'd highly recommend as well. enjoy!


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