The Mandrake Project – Introduction

Oh, I have been beyond the town, Where nightshade black and mandrake grow, and I have been and I have seen What righteous folk would fear to know!

The Witches Ballad (I.B.O.S)

I’ve always been fascinated by Mandrake. I couldn’t tell you when or why or even how it all began. I imagine it is probably a childhood interest that I can’t remember; I was quite the devourer of fairytales and other magical stories. All I know is that this plant has called to me for a long time; I feel its pull like nothing else in the world of plants. The only other bond I experience this deeply is that of the Oak. I’ve not been ready for the power of the Mandrake for a long time. I bought seeds years ago intending to grow them but the seeds disappeared; perhaps it was not time then. But now I have come full circle on the interest of the Mandrake as I will be venturing into the world of growing my own.

I know it is not an easy task, especially since I want to build a relationship with the plant; I want to be able to use the roots in magic when they have been harvested. I may even consider creating an Alruan with one; I think it will mostly depend on whether or not the plant wishes to work with me. I am hoping that the Mandrake feels the same connection, if not I am sure it will point me in the direction of whomever it feels it must be with.

This is of course granted I can get any to grow in the first place.

So soon begins the Mandrake Project, so important I shall give it its own tag so that my journey with this plant is easy to find. I’m not sure how often I will be writing about the process, it will depend on how it goes. I am hoping that at the end of it I have a wonderful working partner and a fuller understanding of the mandrake.



  1. I have tried to get Mandrake seeds here but nobody has them.
    Where do you get yours from?

    I can't wait to hear how this project turns out..

    Good luck growing your plant.


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